Here’s a list of beers which were available during the 2011 Conference.

  • ”Bacchus
  • ”Ipswich
  • Karma Tripel - Liam Ahearn
  • 4 Pines Brewery
  • Pro-Am Collaborative Beer Brewed for Conference Dinner
  • ”Brewhouse
  • ”MT
Qld Ale was originally brewed as a “one off”for the Regional Flavours Expo at Brisbane’s Southbank, to showcase a beer made from Queensland ingredients. The beer was such a success that we have now made it part of our permanent line up. This highly refreshing ale contains Barley from the Darling Downs infused with Macadamia Honey from the Sunshine Coast & spiced with wattle seed from the outback. The aroma is a heady mix of passionfruit & honey that gives way to a subtle honey, nut flavour, followed by a dry & spicy finish from the wattle. All natural ingredients. Contains: Water, Barley, Honey, Wheat, Oats, Hops & Yeast.
Tony is an award winning amateur brewer and has received a boot full of wards over the years for his brewing.  Tony started brewing in 2003 and has been an all-grain brewer for the last 5 years.  Tony took third place at the 2011 QABC.

Tony’s APA style beers are famous within his brew club and this beer should be a great example of the quality of beers Tony can produce on his own rig – a single tier 3 vessel system with an electric HLT and gas fired kettle.  The beer originally achieved 1st place, QABC 2010 and 1st place BABBs Club Championships 2010.

As a competition beer, Tony brewed it to the higher end of the scale to make more of an impression on the judges. As far as the hopping goes it could nearly be an IPA, but the malt profile and alcohol are definitely in the APA range. Pale malt makes up the bulk of the grist with some Munich for complexity, a touch of Crystal and some wheat for head retention. A mid range mash means the beer can finish reasonably dry, but with enough residual sugars to balance the big hop hit.

In 2010, Liam won Best of Show at the QABC.  Liam has also taken Champion Beer (2010) and Reserve Champion (2011) at the Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers (BABBS) competition.

Liam also took Champion Brewer and Champion Beer at the 2011 QABC competition.

Liam’s beer took its inspiration from the Carmelite Tripel, a Belgian Tripel using 6 different types of malted and un-malted grains and a variety of citrus zest, coriander and mutiple noble hops.   All up, a beautiful beer to match with our desert at the Beer and Food Matching dinner.

Overlooking Manly Wharf sits international award winning 4 Pines. All of the beers are handcrafted on site.  4 Pines unpretentiously serves one of the largest specialty rotations of different beer styles in Australia, through the taps in the venue, with up to 30 unique styles per year. 4 Pines can be found a bit further abroad with the Kolsch,Pale Ale, Hefeweizen and Stout now all in the bottle.

For Dinner, we will be sampling the 4 Pines Vostok Space Stout – A dry Irish style stout, presenting almost black, bearing a generous tan head. The aroma profile is of coffee, chocolate and caramel malts. These are matched on the pallet with a full bodied, smooth finish and a balancing bitterness. Currently being tested to become the first certified ‘space beer’ in the world!

Aine O’Hora, a lovely brewer from Matilda Bay Brewing Company made a flying visit to Brisbane recently to whip up a quick batch of beer for the Conference dinner.  Aine, who grew up in Ireland, chose the style made with all Pilsener malt to have a higher than usual amount of DMS in the brew, just like you would get in Europe in a traditional Bohemian pilsner.  With the addition of Saaz hops, this beer will be a true expression of the style that Aine grew up enjoying.

The beer was brewed at Bacchus Brewery with the assistance of David Clarke (fellow organiser of the Conference and BABBS Deputy Brewmaster) and Sim Bonetti (Manager – Brewers Choice Enoggera).  The beer is now maturing in the cool room at Bacchus and should have matured beautifully for the dinner.  Aine’s beer will be the accompaniment for our Entree of Scallops and Rocket – a beautiful combination.

Brisbane Brewing Co. supplies the Brewhouse Brisbane with its entire range of fresh beers for sale through its Woolloongabba venue. Located in Albion, Brisbane, Brisbane Brewing Co. brews in 1000L batches, and bottles and kegs every beer for sale over the bar in pots, pints, jugs and tasting racks, and through the bottle shop in singles, 6-packs and cartons. Availability of all beers depends on Brewing cycles.Brisbane Brewhouse

Johann Van Der Walt has brewed two beers for the conference:
Brisbane Pale Ale
This light-bodied Australian-style Pale Ale is brewed exclusively with Australian ingredients, using Galaxy hops. The aroma expresses flavours of tropical fruit including passionfruit, oranges and mango.Belgian Wit Beer
This beer was a collaborative effort between Johann and Sim Bonetti (Manager Brewers Choice – Enoggera) and is a first off for Brisbane Brewing, having never brewed a Wit before.  The brew was a double step mash with protein rest.  Based on un-malted wheat, with over 1kg of coriander seeds and rinds of more than 20 oranges, it’s already tasting great during fermentation.

MT Brewery is situated on lovely Mt Tambourine, less than an hour’s drive from Brisbane.  MT Brewery’s philosophy is to produce award winning beer with the best ingredients sourced using traditional brewing methods, and proper maturation times, while totally avoiding pasteurization, additives and over filtration.
Mt Brewery Brewer, Callum Osborne will be bringing down two beers for our enjoyment:

  • Rainforest Lager 4.3% German Lager
  • Bavarian Wheat Beer 5%.