What’s on at the Conference?The theme for the inaugural Queensland Homebrewing Conference is “Making great beers”, so we’ll be covering a wide range of topics that hopefully will result in you improving your brewing, and if interested, winning competitions.schoonersOn Friday night, we‘ll be kicking off with a get-together at Archive Bar at West End. If you are an out-of-towner, or just keen for great beers and want to start the conference early, meet us at the Next Door Imports bar (out the back) from 6.30pm.  (Details of Archive Bar can be found at www.archivebeerboutique.com.au)

On Saturday, we will start the day looking at the basic ingredients – grain, hops, yeast and water.   Our speakers will be talking about new products coming on the market and new methods being developed.  We will also be looking the trials and tribulations of using some more unusual ingredients in beers, and some basic water chemistry rules for your brewing.


As a treat for Queenslanders attending, after the commercial hops presentation, there will also be a session on growing hops in Queensland.  Everyone south of the border says it can’t be done, but we’ll prove them wrong.hop3

The Conference session on using yeast in home brewing was to be presented by Chris White, President of White Labs Pure Yeast and Fermentation Inc. However, we have been advised that Chris is now unable to travel to Australia for the Conference. Fortunately, Chris is being replaced by John Carroll, White Lab’s Technical Support person for home brewers. John has spent the last two years advising home brewers on the use of yeasts in home brewing. We probably could not get a more suitable person to talk on this topic (perhaps even better than his boss!). John will also take the opportunity to introduce White Lab’s new San Diego Super Yeast, a highly versatile yeast great for brewing in Australian conditions. John started out as a malt extract brewer and converted to all grain brewing in 2010. John has formed a home brewing club in his home town of Longmont, Colorado.

09-1003wlp001While we are disappointed that Chris White is unable to attend the  conference, I believe we may have done even better with John attending and able to pass on his first hand experience from right at the coalface of home brewing.
We will finish off the morning with a Panel session on “Improving your home brewing”. We have both commercial and amateur brewers to answer your questions and provide some additional insights.

The afternoon sessions will kick off with a report on our Systems War – a competition between various brewing rigs, including a “ghetto” version, 3 vessel set-up, Braumeister and BIAB. They will be brewing an ESB, all using the same recipe.  You’ll get to taste the results from each rig and vote on a winner.  BABBS will be running the competition and the brewing day will be in early October.  (Details to follow).

Andrew Clark, Queensland Champion Amateur Brewer (2008, 2009) will present on using Beersmith and the benefits of using brewing software.  A session on recipe formulation and competition tips will follow to help you get your beers ready for the next competition.

Finally, there’ll be a panel session on “Tips and Hints, Questions and Answers” to round out the day and answer all of your questions.  We will have all our speakers available – a massive brains trust that hopefully will be able to answer any question you throw at them.

For those who might be interested in moving into professional brewing and starting a microbrewery, there will be a separate session (depending on numbers) presented by brewers who are already living the dream.  They’ll talk about their experiences, cover pitfalls and problems, joys and shortcuts, and generally give you the truth about how to do it yourself.  If you are interested in this session, make sure you indicate this when you buy your ticket.

The conference kicks off at 9.00am and will go flat out until 5.00pm, so be prepared for a full-on day of information and fun.

photo_33866Once the conference is over, those who have purchased dinner tickets will be heading down to Southbank for a great meal, designed by Matt Kirkegaard, founder of Good Beer Lunches and the Australian Brews News blog.  There will be at least 4 beers for tasting, to go with each of the courses and two speakers to ensure the night is lively and fun.Finally, if you still want more,
 meet us at Fifth Element Bar at South Bank for a final round of great Australian Craft beers.All up, a solid 24 hours of fun, education and the occasional beer.  So don’t miss out!!