Well, it’s over for another two years. The second Queensland Homebrewing Conference was bigger and better than the first – more beer, more speakers, more prizes, more fun. It’s hard to pick highlights with such quality speakers, but Ian Watson’s one handed demonstration of oxygen free kegging was definitely up there. Josh’s laid back presentation style (a result of lunch time beers) was a definite contrast to Dean, who pulled out all the stops to keep us awake during the afternoon, post-lunch death session! And finally a special mention to the babes in lab coats, those fine looking brewers from Townsville!

So some statistics – 1030 litres of some of the best beer in Australia, 140 keen brewers, 60 well satiated diners, 11 presenters, 2 brilliant post-dinner entertainers (courtesy of the Scratch Bar) and 1 clear winner in the Club Beer Wars.

Once again, we need to recognise the support given by our sponsors – 4 Hearts, Green Beacon, Bridge Road, Fortitude, Blue Sky, Holgate, Brewbake, Brewhouse Brisbane, and All Inn for our beers; Cryermalt, Bintani and Imake for product; and Superwhatnot, Scratch, Archive, Tipplers Taps and Bitter Suite for the hotly contested door prizes.

Also, a special mention to those presenters who came simply to help educate us about other aspects of brewing – Noriko Watson (Sake), Tony Jacobs, (Yeast Management), Scott McNulty (Whisky), Dean Tummers (Old English Beers), and Micah Rees (Brewing equipment).

Notes from the presentations will be posted on the QHC website over the next week, so keep checking in. Beer Wars videos will also go up over the next week.

We will be sending out a survey in the next week to collect ideas for the next conference and perhaps another State event next year, when we can all get together and have another excellent day talking about beer.

So, to everyone that contributed and everyone that attended, I hope you had a great time and have already earmarked 2015 for the next Queensland Homebrewing Conference. See you then.