Queensland Homebrewing Conference – 2013Presents

The Club Wars

This year, in the search for the “best” home brew cub in Queensland, the QHC Organisers have chosen to pit seven clubs against each other in an “Iron Chef” style brew off. The competition will determine which club makes the best beer.

The rules for the Club War are:

  • All ingredients will be provided by Brewers Choice and all clubs will receive the same grains and hops from the same bulk bags.  Grain will be uncracked.
  • No ingredients can be modified, this includes roasting or smoking the grains.
  • Water additions, kettle finings and gelatine are acceptable.
  • Filtering is optional and up to the club.
  • No other ingredients can be added other than what is in the ingredients pack.

Each Club Must Provide

Each Club will be required to provide 1 x 19 ltr keg and a 2-3 minute video of their brew day and the recipe they used.  The recipes will not be released until after judging.


Judging will be conducted blind by all attendees at the conference, during the lunch break.  The winner will be determined by popular vote.  A Perpetual Trophy and a Champion 2013 Trophy will be presented to the winning Club.

Ingredient List

  • 4.5 kg Ale malt – Joe White
  • 0.5 kg Wheat malt – Weyermann
  • 0.25 Light Crystal – Joe White
  • 0.25 Dark Crystal – Joe White
  • 50g Saaz – AAU – 3.2%
  • 50g Centennial – AAU – 10.5%
  • 50g EGK – 6.4%
  • 1 Packet US-05
  • 1 Packet S-04

Competition Organiser and Adjudicator – Tony Brown

Tony’s decision on all matters relating to the Club Wars is final and no discussion will be entered unless sufficient bribe money is provided, split 50/50 between Tony and the QHC Organisers.


The club beer war was hotly contested with a number of very good beers. However the results suggest that there was one clear standout in the beers with Righteous Brewers of Townsville attracting almost half the votes. With an excellent video as well (though not part of the voting process), RBT were worthy recipients of the first Club Beer Wars. I think this has been a great success and thanks must go to Tony Brown for the inspiration and the work behind organising this.

Perhaps this is something we might look at annually???

Final Order of voting was:

1st – Righteous Brewers of Townsville (RBT)
2nd – Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers (BABBs)
3rd – Brisbane Brewers Club (BBC)
4th – Pine Rivers Underground Brewing (PUBs)
5th – Ipswich Brewers Union (IBU)
6th – Gympie Amateur Brewers (GABs)
7th – Gold Club (Gold Coast)

Many thanks to all who participated in this event and congratulations to the RBT boys and ladies.