Club Wars









This year, the club wars competition is proudly sponsored by National Home Brew.


The Entrants:

The Gold Club

Tableland Gentlemen Brewers

Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers

Righteous Brewers of Townsville

Fraser Coast Bayside Brewers

CQ Homebrewers

Brisbane Brewing Club

Pine Rivers Underground Brewing Society

Brewmasters Grafton

MAD Brewers (Mackay)

Ipswich Brewers Union

Old Mates Brew Crew



Where: Queensland Homebrewing Conference, Southbank Institute of Technology

When: Saturday 15 October 2017


  1. Only the ingredients provided can be used, in any combination. No other ingredients can be added.  There are no restrictions on how the ingredients are treated or used.
  2. Clubs must provide 1 x 18ltr Corny Keg full, without identifying marks, other than a removable label.
  3. Clubs must provide the recipe for the beer (to be disseminated after the competition).




o             5kg Ale Malt

o             500g Wheat

o             250g Medium Crystal

o             250g Red Back

o             250g Shepard’s Delight

o             500g Chocolate Malt

o             100g Black Malt

o             500g Flaked Oats


o             50 g Warrior Hops

o             50g Chinook Hop Hash

o             100g Eldorado Hops

o             100g East Kent Goldings

o             100g SAAZ


o             2 x Mangrove Jacks M84 Bohemian Lager Yeast

o             2 x Mangrove Jacks M44 West Coast Yeast