Hi and hope you are getting excited about the conference – just three days until it is on.

Some last minute news items for you:

1. All Inn Brewing, our newest brewery in Brisbane (only just launched their beers on Sunday) will be providing us with two kegs of their new beers. Because we now have more beer than we can get through during the day, we are reserving All Inn’s beers until a post-conference session from 5.00 – 5.45pm. So, you don’t have to head off straight away – hang around for one or two more beers before you go.

2. Cryermalt, suppliers of excellent malts have offered 7 bags of grain for lucky door prizes. Along with all the vouchers from the various craft beer bars around Brisbane (Scratch, Superwhatnot, Tipplers Taps, Bitter Suite, Archive), there should be plenty to go around. You feeling lucky?

3. Don’t forget the pre-conference session at Archive Beer Bar, West End, on Friday night. We will be meeting there at 7.00pm to catch up before the conference. Meet us in the Next Door Bar out the back.

4. We now have the full program listed. The Dinner menu will also be on the site tomorrow. Finally, we will have a new map up showing you how to find your way into SBIT for the conference.

5. TICKETS ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT. Today we had to confirm numbers with the caterers. While we would have loved to keep taking people in right up to the last, we would not have had enough food for everyone. (Lunch will be a BBQ-style hot food selection this year, instead of rolls). This means that ticket numbers are now limited and rapidly approaching final numbers. If you know of anyone that wants to go but has not bought their ticket yet, tell them to get moving tonight. Numbers are definitely limited and will not last much longer.

I am looking forward to this conference – it should have something for everyone – from Sake brewing to 600 year old beers.

See you then.

David Kitchen