The Queensland Homebrewing Conference are happy to announce that Ian Morgan from Holgate Brewhouse will be one of the guest speakers for the 2013 conference.  Ian brings a wealth of knowledge from his commercial brewing experience and is still an avid homebrewer himself. Here’s his bio:

Ian was weaned off American macrobrews when the closest pub between campus and his apartment in Seattle turned out to be the Big Time brewpub.  He never looked back.  Upon moving to Australia in 2000 he took up home brewing to recreate the diversity of flavoursome beers he’d left behind in th U.S.  Fortunately, the Australian beer scene wasn’t too long in catching up and he’s been happy to be a part of that change since joining Holgate Brewhouse in 2008.  Despite having the opportunity to be a part of Holgate’s wide and ever expanding range, as well as new additions to his own family, Ian still finds time to knock out the occasional homebrew on his trusty three-tier gravity system, ably assisted by three-year-old Nina who is a whiz on the refractometer. 


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