Ben Kraus

Bridge Road Brewing

Conceived by Ben in 2004/5, Bridge Road Brewing has received a myriad of awards and is a major player in the growing craft brewing industry in Australia. Not only is Ben a great brewer but also a good bloke to have a talk with.

Ben will be presenting at the conference on his experiences and brewing methods using adjuncts and the odd barrel in brewing. If you want to learn about taking your beers to a new level and trying something different, then come and listen to Ben.

Ian Morgan

Holgate Brewhouse
Ian was weaned off American macrobrews when the closest pub between campus and his apartment in Seattle turned out to be the Big Time brewpub.  He never looked back.  Upon moving to Australia in 2000 he took up home brewing to recreate the diversity of flavoursome beers he’d left behind in th U.S.  Fortunately, the Australian beer scene wasn’t too long in catching up and he’s been happy to be a part of that change since joining Holgate Brewhouse in 2008.  Despite having the opportunity to be a part of Holgate’s wide and ever expanding range, as well as new additions to his own family, Ian still finds time to knock out the occasional homebrew on his trusty three-tier gravity system, ably assisted by three-year-old Nina who is a whiz on the refractometer.

Josh Uljans

Moon Dog Brewing
With beers named Perverse Sexual Amalgam, Black Lung, Melon Gibson and Wet Nurse Tonic, and ingredients including cherry plums, mangoes, passionfruit, muscovado sugar, roast pumpkin, honey coffee and raspberries, expect a presentation that’s very different, from the makers of very different beers.

Wade Curtis

Four Hearts brewing
The creation of Queensland brewer Wade Curtis, Four Hearts Brewing is the product of years of dedication to the cause of bringing better beers to the drinkers of Queensland. Wade has been relentless in perfecting his recipe’s. Constantly brewing, tasting, getting feedback from friends and family, all in pursuit of an unique and great tasting ale.

Ian Watson

Noisy Minor Brewing
Ian Watson is a brewer and beer lover. He has worked in many areas of the craft brewing industry from brewing to wholesale and retail sales and was Australia’s first Beer Sommelier. Ian has been a judge and guest speaker at many beer, beverage and food events across the country and has written and contributed to books and magazines on the subject.